We are the Carolina Biotech Group!

The Carolina Biotech Group is a young professional-run interdisciplinary biotechnology and healthcare professional organization.

Formulated as a 501(c)(3) organization, CBG provides tax deductible consulting and market analysis as well as a talent pipeline to the burgeoning biotech space in the Carolinas.  Our board is composed of leaders in the biotech space and we look forward to disrupting the biotech.

Our mission

  • To serve as a catalyst for emerging entrepreneurial leaders to seed innovation and promote biotech development at South Carolina's premier research university and throughout the region
  • To promote the development of interdisciplinary collaborations among graduate students, professors, and the regional biotech industry
  • To collaborate as a diverse team of leaders to interact with local industry leaders and to provide real-world solutions through consulting, match-making, and seed funding

Working with CBG as a client

Why should I work with CBG?

We offer clients an excellent opportunity for getting an informed and practical external perspective on solving a key issue that your organization may be facing. Teams are comprised of students from all schools at the University of South Carolina, providing a unique mix of strong medical, engineering, scientific, business, and legal knowledge based on your organization's needs.

Do I have to pay to for the services?

As a non-profit student organization, you are not billed for our services. However, donations to our group to mark a job well done are greatly appreciated! This will go towards our social and networking events as well as towards covering the administrative costs of running the organization.

What would be expected of me as a client?

In the beginning of the project, you will define the scope of the project together with the team leader. You should expect to meet with the team once every two weeks, either in person or by phone/teleconference, for status updates. Typically, CBG teams deliver a mid-project deliverable and then a final deliverable. This format will be adjusted according to the needs of the client and will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

CBG Founders

Christian Graves & Stephen Iwanowycz envisioned and founded the Carolina Biotech Group in the Spring of 2015 as a young professional-operated  organization to catalyze new pipelines for innovative entrepreneurs in the bio-med-health space in the southeast.