Neurostress accounts for over $300 billion in lost productivity and output in the US corporate market alone. lmbk (pronounced: Lem'bic) is a enterprise-oriented digital health startup focused on providing managers, HR, and business leaders a platform to manage a company's most precious resource: their team.  Through wearable health monitoring, lmbk aims to tame the ambiguity of stress and provides actionable data to reduce stress, improve margins, and promote the health and happiness of your team.


Our understanding of the function and architecture of the brain and nervous system has expanded exponentially with MRI imaging and electrophysiological monitoring (EEg).  But this deluge of neurodata has overwhelmed our capability to make actionable decisions from the scans.  Neurocloud.io is a cloud-based platform that streamlines the analysis of functional MRI imaging to synaptic speeds and stands to impact the multibillion dollar neuroscience market.

Devour Immuno Labs

Our immune system is our most effective disease fighting force.  Devour Immuno Labs is a novel, data-driven immunodiagnostics platform leveraging the innate immune system for therapeutic benefit to accomplish our mission of comprehensively DiagnosingHarnessing, and Healing in maladies of the brain, immune, and nervous systems.