Rhythmlink International, LLC

Rhythmlink International, LLC© designs, manufactures and distributes medical devices and provides custom packaging, private labeling, custom products and contract manufacturing to its customers. Rhythmlink is recognized as a leader within its field at providing the important physical connection between patients and the diagnostic equipment to record or elicit neurophysiologic biopotentials. The generous donations from Rhythmlink went towards the funding of five students attending SCBIO!

Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation is a privately owned manufacturer of generic inhalation solutions headquartered in Orlando, FL. Nephron specializes in blow-fill-seal (BFS) manufacturing, a technology that allows a vial of medication to be formed, filled and sealed in a continuous process without human intervention in a sterile, enclosed area. The generous donations from Nephron went towards the funding of three students attending SCBIO!