Who Should Join?

The CBG is looking for motivated young professionals who have the drive and passion to push the envelope of biotechnology throughout the region. We are always looking to bring in young professionals and students from ALL disciplines and specialities!

Why Should I Join?

CBG provides professional and educational opportunities to gain cutting edge real-world experience through consulting, education, and professional development. In an increasingly competitive job market, having critical experience and the proper network provides a unique and powerful edge.

How much of a time commitment is this?

At CBG, we believe if you put in the time you get the ROI. Membership includes access to exclusive educational material, networking events, and professional development opportunities. Direct involvement (in leadership or with consulting teams) carries a variable time commitment of around 5-10 hours per week depending on the project. Balancing various responsibilities is an increasingly desired skil-set in the competitive biotech job market.

Interested in our work?  Become a member!

We thank you for your support!


Membership Benefits

Our commitment to developing a professional culture and ecosystem provides a beachhead of compelling benefits to our members.  Here are some of our favorites:


Professional Development/Our Network

  • Access to a nimble and committed nucleus of emerging leaders and our established networks (both local and abroad)
  • Event access to bio-entrepreneurs and domain leaders
  • Consulting projects within the biotech and healthcare industries and the opportunity to interface with top teams from biotech startups, investors, and leaders


  • Discounts & scholarships to biotech professional events in SC and abroad (SCBIO, SOPE, SEMDA, etc.)
  • Vetted internships and co-op placement: we're continuously working to develop meaningful opportunities to develop our entrepreneurial leaders
  • Over 5 high impact events (CBG, co-sponsored, etc.) per quarter

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  • Connections to early seed funding, angels, and VC’s and thousands in high value consulting contacts
  • CBG Founders Seminars with curated content from leading advisors, investors, and coaches in the biotech and entrepreneurial space
  • Experienced advisors to CBG startups, the founders series, and mission critical insight on the biotech and digital health ecosystem


  • Deeply discounted business educational sessions through SC's top business program and cutting edge Educational Companies

  • Access to MBA coursework, entrepreneurial advisors, panels, and over $10,000 in consulting services through our partners and discounts

  • Professional seminars and events on biotech entrepreneurship, digital health development, regulatory & legal considerations, fundraising, and more.

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In the Loop

  • Find out first about opportunities and trends in the ecosystem from individuals impacting the future state of innovation in SC
  • Exclusive Muut message board, LinkedIn Group, insider info on jobs, and publishing opportunities with CBG Media