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What is DNA

DNA= De Novo Academy (pretty clever, eh?) is a virtual educational series designed by CBG and our advisors for our founders and entrepreneurial members interested in the nuts and bolts of digital health and biotech startups.


DNA sessions are virtual, occur monthly, and cover those lingering questions indicated by our founders including startups, fundraising, legalities, biz ops, building a team, and running marathons.

Who Should Apply

Founders. Entrepreneurs. Disruptors. Innovators. Tomorrow Leaders.  You're amongst the best and brightest and you want to bring real solutions to the people who need them most.


Ping us for more info on DNA sessions.


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Thinking locally
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Forming your team
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Keeping it above board (legal, regulations, finances)
How to make friends, influence people, & get money
It's lonely at the top
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Thinking globally *
Thinking globally
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Building a roadmap
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Running your startup shoppe
Building your MVP (say what?)
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How'd we do?
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CBG Startups and De Novo Academy are professional educational services offered free-of-charge to CBG members and portfolio startup companies as part of CBG's educational outreach mission.