Project Case Study 01: C&M Machines

Client: C&M Machines, LLC
(Rock Hill, SC)

C&M Machines is a company looking to enter the world of exercise physiology and physical therapy with their unique line of equipment which allows the user to focus on the eccentric, or "negative", portion of a compound movement. Led by William "Chip" Wilt, founder and CEO, who has a lifetime of experience in the world of bodybuilding, C&M Machines looks to make a splash in this field through the release of three initial models: (1) The Scorpion: chest/back combination, (2) The Cobra: bicep/tricep combination, and (3) The Rhino: posterior chain.

CEO and Founder of C&M Machines, William "Chip" Wilt

CEO and Founder of C&M Machines, William "Chip" Wilt


The Carolina Biotech Group was approached by C&M Machines with two goals in mind:

  1. Look into the published literature focusing on the benefits and applicability of eccentric movements and compile a concise summary in order to reinforce the need for the solution that they look to provide.
  2. Create some promotional material for them to have at their disposal as they prepare to enter the market.

Led by Director of Consulting, Cody McHale, a consulting team was assembled with a variety of backgrounds including Biomedical Science, Sports Marketing, Exercise Science, and Biomedical Engineering.  Our group was able to deliver a review of the most pertinent peer-reviewed literature in approximately 2000 words.  Additionally, our group delivered a promotional resource in the form of a tri-fold with the hopes that it could be used to educate people on C&M Machines and their plans to make eccentric movements accessible in gyms and physical therapy settings across the world.

Consulting Team

Cody McHale, Olivia Spead, Melinda Hersey, Tyler Franz, and William Torres

Project Duration

January 28, 2016 - July 26, 2016