Carolina Biotech Group & The Birthplace of Biotechnology

 SIBER President Chris Cullis & CBG President Christian Graves

SIBER President Chris Cullis & CBG President Christian Graves

Christian Graves

A Genentech-sponsored sign on a major thoroughfare into South San Francisco proudly declares the Bay Area to be “The Birthplace of Biotech”.  The Carolina Biotech Group - composed of the Carolina’s best and brightest entrepreneurial biomedical and digital health leaders - was represented at two international meetings in San Francisco, California.

Recently rated as the #2 Biopharma ecosystem in North America by the GEN Insight & Intelligence report, the Bay Area is a watershed for biotech, innovative pharma, and digital health startups. 

CBG leadership was invited to attend the Society for International Bioentrepreneurship Education and Research (SIBER) meeting on the beautiful USF campus.  This day-long event brought together global leaders in the bioentrepreneurship field from seasoned biotech VC pros to accomplished educator-entrepreneurs like the director of the UC-Davis Biotech Program.  The meeting, coordinated by Moira Gunn Host of Tech Nation, catalyzed round-table discussions on the biomedical workforce, professional biotech certification programs, and 2016 TEConomy-BIO Bioscience Jobs Report (formerly the Batelle-BIO report) with executives from biotech startups and forward-thinking international educational institutions.

CBG was also present for the opening of the international Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) meeting.  The annual BIO meeting sets the stage for deal-making in the biotech industry with over 1300 companies represented by nearly 16,000 industry leaders.  Amongst those descending on world’s most innovative town, SCBIO and several startups from the SC ecosystem will have a presence at the meeting showcasing the emerging Life Science ecosystem in SC.

In addition to taking in the sites, sounds, and fog of the Bay Area Biotech Frenzy (BABF), CBG also sampled the excellent startup scene for biomedical tech and investment at the world’s first venture-backed synthetic biotech accelerator Indiebio accelerator. Check out Indiebio’s recent class of all-star starts here and here.  

Through participation at key events like the SIBER meeting, the Int’l BIO convention, and visits with the first-of-its-kind early-stage biotech accelerator @Indbio, CBG looks forward to playing a key role in growing the culture of biomedical tech in the Carolinas and building opportunities for our entrepreneurial scientists, engineers, and physicians.

Christian is President & Co-Founder of CBG and is interested in bridging gaps and building an innovative ecosystem in SC.  He enjoys climbing mountains and usually runs towards the fires.