Rhythmlink - SCBIO Networking Event

In an effort to engage the biotech community around South Carolina, SCBIO has organized a series of networking events in the state’s three major metropolitan areas. Carolina Biotech Group (CBG) attended the most recent of these events on August 30th hosted at Rhythmlink International’s headquarters in Columbia.

Attendees at the event included representatives from academia, local biotech veterans, entrepreneurs, and young professionals just breaking into the industry. This eclectic and energetic mix proved to be a perfect catalyst to facilitate an engaging discussion throughout the evening.

The highlight of the event was an informal tour and keynote talk given by Rhythmlink founder and CEO Shawn Regan. Along with his co-founders and ever-growing team in Columbia, Regan has led Rhythmlink through steady growth since its founding in 2002. During this time, Rhythmlink has collected several accolades including seven appearances on the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies and five straight appearances on the 50 Best Places to Work in South Carolina. Regan explained how Rhythmlink has built their brand by developing quality products one market at a time, steadily expanding their sphere of influence while simultaneously expanding their team and infrastructure. When asked what drives him to continue innovating and building his business, Regan replied, “you should make a good product that adds value, that’s the bottom line for me.” This is certainly a refreshing notion and drives home the point that South Carolina’s innovators are on a mission to change the biotech landscape without compromising their integrity.   

At CBG, we believe the interdisciplinary and intergenerational discussions facilitated by these events can often provide the spark necessary to solve that one problem, find that perfect employee, or generate that next great idea. Shawn Regan and Rhythmlink serve as a perfect example to aspiring bioentrepreneurs in South Carolina of what can happen when a great idea and good people come together to create a prospering business, and CBG hopes to see Columbia’s biotech ecosystem continue to follow in their footsteps.

Other events in SCBIO’s networking series have taken place at Cipher Pharmaceuticals in Charleston and the Upstate Alliance in Greenville. These events represent the first in what promises to be an engaging, ongoing series that we hope seasoned and novice bioentrepreneurs alike take advantage of. 

 From left to right: Cody McHale, Shawn Regan, David Prim  All rights reserved, CBG 2016

From left to right: Cody McHale, Shawn Regan, David Prim
All rights reserved, CBG 2016