Rick's Premier Healthcare Internship

This summer, JD/MBA member Rick Southard was nose to the grind stone in the Queens City.  He recently has been working for a healthcare company that is working to transform healthcare (something we at CBG are pretty excited about). We recently caught up with him when he made it back down Columbia before things took off for the semester. 

You're involved in the consulting club, law school, the Moore school MBA... and CBG! Tell us a bit about what you were up to this summer in CLT.

I’ve been working at Premier, Inc. up in Charlotte, NC. Premier is an alliance of 3,600 member hospitals and offers services ranging from group purchasing to consulting. My project this summer has been developing a strategic vision for specialty pharmacy technology that Premier is developing.

Very cool! How was life away from your studies and how did your your education help?

I’ve enjoyed being able to leverage what I’ve learned in business and law school and apply that in the real world to help Premier get this offering off the ground. In particular, I’ve enjoyed being able to work on a project where I get to work in a startup-like environment; working to evaluate competitors, identify strategic opportunities, and formulate recommendations.

Love that you enjoyed the #healthcare #startup environment and thanks for sharing, Rick.  Check back often for more of our go-getters as we detail the professional and experiential education our members are seeking.