The Future is Bright for Biotech in SC

Christian Graves, President & Chairman

For immediate release

The Carolina Biotech Group was recently selected to present our vision on the Bright future for Biotech in South Carolina at the Palmetto-USC Health Medical Scholarship Day of Focus at the Beautiful SC State Museum. 

Johnie Hodge, MD/PhD Candidate & VP of Finance, authored the study with Stephen Iwanowycz, PhD Co-Founder & Board Member, Member Hossam Tashkandi, Drug Discovery & Biomedical Science PhD Candidate, and Christian Graves PhD/MD Candidate Co-Founder & President.  There, Hodge received great feedback from local physicians, clinical trials coordinators, and peers on the potential for biotech within the SC ecosystem.  

The publication covered the watershed and resource areas across the state including a breakdown of the state's health ratings, biomedical R&D hubs, clinical trial tallies, and overall R&D output.

We encourage comments and look forward to discussing the implications of this bright future for entrepreneurial science, engineering, and healthcare through biotechnology in the great state of SC.

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