A message from our Chairman & President:

CBG Media and Building the talent Foundation for a Biotech Culture

What does it take to succeed as a biomedical startup company or an entrepreneurial scientist, engineer, or physician in this day and age? What characteristics represent robustness in tomorrow’s future leaders in the Southeast’s biomedical technology space?  What are the business leaders in the biotech and medical device clusters seeking in the DNA of their employees?  How can we at CBG unite entrepreneurial leaders to affect positive progress in biomedical endeavors?  These are questions that we at CBG ask ourselves on a daily basis.  We seek, through educational activities, to learn by the most powerful mode possible:  experience. 

In our efforts to help unite with up-and-comer’s and the best and brightest and retain this intellectual capital here in our ecosystem, we have implemented CBG Media, a non-profit, objective publishing arm to reach and learn from the leaders in the biotech tribes – both local and distant.  In publishing compelling content, we also hope to catalyze new interactions and to build the culture of an innovative biotech sector within the geographic borders of South Carolina. 

We hope that you’ll find our first efforts to be humble, worth reading while sipping a  cup of coffee – and eventually – a source for meaningful and interesting stories on the great goings-on in the biosciences in our midst.  We launch our first piece A few minutes with Shawn Regan – CEO of Rhythmlink, LLC following a great conversation with a leader in the SC medical device space who shares a backyard with our CBG HQ.  We hope you’ll like it and see it fit to distribute to others who might find interest in this and the many follow-on conversations. 

At CBG Media, we look forward to, in collaboration with our many friends who live for biotech and entrepreneurial ventures, to telling the story of this thriving community and translating these into narratives to identify and celebrate our robust and unique culture.

  Christian A. Graves  Co-Founder & Chairman Carolina Biotech Group

Christian A. Graves
Co-Founder & Chairman
Carolina Biotech Group